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The Ontario Teaching Preparation Program is a professional development and up-skilling program that is specifically designed for Internationally Educated Teachers (IETs) with at least 24 months (2 years) of work experience who want to work as professional teachers in Canada.


We invite IETs who meet our eligibility requirements to join us at our Campus in North York, Ontario, Canada for a specifically designed program that provides both applied learning outcomes and assistance with finding employment in Canada as a professional teacher.


Our program includes a practicum work experience placement that will provide you with the confidence and the skills to ensure that you are fully job-ready as a professional teacher in Canada.


Please note that the Private Career College Act, 2005, does not apply to any of the professional development, skill upgrading and examination preparation programs.


Flexible payment plan + potential scholarship

Work placement within schools

Work and earn $ during the program

Effective pathway to employment and permanent residency in Canada

Teacher Preparation-Intro
Teacher Preparation - Program



Course duration:

Course delivery:

Term Status:

Start date:

Course format:



18 Months

In class (on campus)


March 2024



Students must satisfy ALL of the following:

  • 2-year bachelor of education(all academic records and transcripts) 

  • Statement of professional standing 

  • 3 years post-secondary degree


Students must satisfy ONLY ONE of the following:

  • Bachelors degree qualifications delivered in English

  • IELTS of 6.5 Academic Overall (if qualifications not delivered in English)

  1. Fill out online application form

  2. Receive conditional offer letter within 5 business days (if approved)

  3. Pay course fee deposit to secure seat

  4. Receive Letter of Acceptance within 5 business days

  5. Apply for study visa

  6. After Visa is accepted, pay agreed tuition fee (instalments accepted)

Step 1

Ensure that you have read and agree to the policies, terms and conditions outlined program handbook

Step 2

Fill out and submit our online application form below

  1. Fill out online application form

  2. Receive conditional offer letter within 5 business days (if all admission requirements are met)

  3. Pay course deposit fee outlined in the offer letter, meet any conditions 

  4. Sign the enrollment contract and review the student handbook and policy statements 

  5. Receive Letter of Acceptance within 5 business days (if all conditions of the offer letter are met)

  6. Apply for study visa (payment of the full semester fee is recommended for students to have the highest success rates for their visa acceptance) 


Step 1

Ensure that you have read and agree to the policies, terms and conditions outlined program handbook

Step 2

Fill out and submit our online application form below








Can I work while studying with TEMC?

Yes. TEMC is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) under the International Student Program (ISP) approved by the Government of Canada. International students enrolled in our Canadian Nursing Review Program for IENs are eligible to work part-time up to 20 hours per week during studies, and up to 40 hours per week during academic breaks, without a work permit.

Can I bring by partner / spouse / children with me?

In the past, students have been able to bring their families. However, it should be noted that not all IENs are automatically eligible to do so. In some circumstances, it may be recommended for IENs to come to Canada on their own and bring their families permanently when the time is right. We recommend IENs to consult with a licensed immigration consultant.

Where is TEMC Located?

TEMC's campus is located in North York, Ontario. A vibrant and diverse community suburb of Toronto with a wide range of cultural and recreational activities, as well as easy access to transportation, healthcare, and offers a high quality of life for its residents. The area is known for its beautiful parks and diverse neighbourhoods that offer something for everyone.

What happens if my visa gets refused?

Nursing review program visas for IENs typically have a significantly high approval rate. Nevertheless, in the event that a visa is denied, we urge all applicants to carefully review the Refusal Letter to identify the grounds for rejection and consider reapplying. It's not uncommon for students to attain visa approval on their second attempt.

Is this program a diploma or certificate course?

The Ontario Teaching Review Program for IETs is a Professional Development and Up-skilling program designed for IETs with existing qualifications and work experience to maintain their teaching profession and become eligible to work as a licensed teacher in Canada.  The program is not subject to the provisions of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. 

Will I get a refund if my visa gets rejected?

Yes. If your visa is rejected and you decide not to pursue a resubmission, you will receive a refund of your tuition and fees. The amount refunded is determined based on the Tuition Refund Policy outlined in our student handbook.

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