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Toronto Economics and Management College (TEMC) is a leading private career training institution based in North York, Ontario.

Approved as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), TEMC works intensively to collaborate with the efforts of our country to promote the Canadian Education for international students.


Founded in 2014, TEMC has provided domestic and international students with high-quality professional training with the right skill-sets to meet current employment market demand. Our students’ success is what motivates us, and we proudly maintain a high level of alumni employed within their chosen field. TEMC strives to help graduates succeed and meet the needs of industry employers.


Everyday, we make it our mission at TEMC to successfully address individual student needs and provide quality education geared towards long-standing and successful careers.

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Our mission is to provide our students with the best learning experience using the most advanced and latest education, tools, teaching methods, and information to develop sustainable skills and attitudes that are necessary to gain greater access in the industry. And we continuously upgrade our teaching techniques and methodologies to evolve and update our educational best practices.


At TEMC, we take pride in acting according to our set of values:

  • Total Customer Orientation

  • Fairness and Integrity applied to all internal processes.

  • A spirit of innovation and challenge

  • Open and active participation

  • Respect for the Canadian principles of diversity, inclusiveness, legality and honesty


All programs delivered by TEMC are career-oriented, current, flexible and taught by leaders in their fields who keep themselves updated in order to maintain the lessons on track with cutting-edge developments.  The programs are focused on preparing students for a specific job with specific skills, allowing them to join the work force quickly and confidently.

The instructors at TEMC work with their students every step of the way, delivering lessons that are practical and goal oriented. Students are guided through every module of every program and the instructors are always available for suggestions and support. Small class sizes ensure that each student receives the attention and counsel they require to fulfill their personal and professional needs.

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