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Toronto Economics and Management College offers Career Workshop programs that invite students to learn about in-demand industries from highly experienced professionals. The purpose of these workshops is to develop the networking and soft-skills required in order to prepare students for their careers. 

We also offer examination preparation courses. These are programs that prepare professionals specifically and only to write qualifying examinations.

The Private Career College Act, 2005 do not apply to any programs that are considered non-vocational.



This workshop is designed to provide domestically and internationally trained nurses with an orientation to the nursing system in Ontario. The workshops will cover information related to the health systems in Ontario, and the standards of practice of the Colleges of Nurses in Ontario. 

Pregnant Woman with Mother

This workshop program was created to outline the process of becoming a midwife, including the career benefits and changes to the industry. Students will be able to receive important information on best practices within Ontario.


This workshop is designed to provide students with the opportunity to engage with business leaders from around the world, asking questions and gaining knowledge about international business and entrepreneurship.

English Teacher

This workshop is designed to provide an orientation to early childhood education within the educational framework of Ontario. Students will be able to ask questions and engage with working professionals within this industry, providing them with knowledge about pathways to enter this career. 


This workshop is designed for missionaries and other religious workers to come to Ontario, learn from preachers, pastors, seminarians, and other religious teachers to get a full understanding of religious life and vocational work in Ontario. 

Sports Facility

This workshop is designed to provide athletes and coaches with the latest, data-driven, sports exercises and activities. The purpose of these workshops is to provide a collaborative environment where students and presenters can exchange ideas and collaborate on training activities. 

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